Prashant Kumar

Capital Asset Planning
Maintaining spreadsheets and process manuals no longer cuts it for capital asset planning. Capital asset planning is time consuming, has complex authorization procedures, and questionable statistics, leading many in management to question its true value. Since no comprehensive system exists to support the budgeting, planning, and forecasting processes, it’s no surprise that capital asset planning
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ISO 55001
31st May
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The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed a universal framework for managing the use of assets – ISO 55001. The asset management standard serves as a guideline for organizations to optimize the lifetime value of their assets. In this post, we shall outline the scope and reach of the standard and how IBM Maximo

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3rd May
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As organizations recognize the significance of asset maintenance and its impact on the bottom line, companies are increasingly incorporating asset management in their strategic initiatives. The shift from a reactive culture has asset managers seeking opportunities to proactively contribute to the operational and strategic goals of the business. Asset Maintenance and Industrial IoT The maintenance

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Maximo Upgrade
26th April
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In our earlier blog, we reviewed considerations for upgrading to Maximo 7.6.  Now that IBM has announced End of Support for Maximo 7.5, now is the time to  upgrade to the latest version. Let’s delve into the benefits. Benefits of Maximo 7.6 upgrade Reduced need for Customizations: Maximo 7.6 comes with improved OOTB capabilities which

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