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Condition-based maintenance with TRIRIGA

Dalbir Dugal
21st June
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Condition Based Maintenance is frequently used to prevent industrial asset failures. The program assumes that equipment shows early warning signs if we are paying attention, prior to developing a fault. The same applies to buildings/facilities. Applying condition based maintenance with IBM TRIRIGA helps to assess a facility or an asset’s performance, capture its life-cycle costs, and to identify necessary repairs and replacements.

An integrated set of performance metrics of a facility’s condition is needed to predict when to repurpose or renovate structures. Building operations and maintenance managers are primarily responsible for assessing the condition of building components like roofs, air conditioning, walls, electrical, and communications. Forecasting facility conditions and predicting repairs before failure occurs results in cost reduction. IBM TRIRIGA automates demand and preventive maintenance services to reduce the cost of maintenance operations.

TRIRIGA’s facilities and operations manager is an intense CMMS that enables organizations to manage their building assets and facilities over their life-cycle in order to reduce maintenance expenses. It provides condition-based facility assessments that help you to prioritize the areas for capital improvement and assists you in extending the life of your facilities and facility assets.

Condition-based maintenance features of IBM TRIRIGA:

  • Improves the value and environmental performance of facility assets through the capture and classification of a facility, building system and asset deficiencies.
    • Provides automated alerts that identify critical equipment maintenance requirements from sensor-level data.
    • Provides real-time alerts for sub-optimal conditions occurring in a building, including conditions such as simultaneous heating and cooling, equipment not on automated schedules, and steam leaks.
  • Evaluates the required investment, energy and operating cost savings, and return on investment of each opportunity.
    • Provides pre-built performance metrics such as preventive maintenance to repair maintenance cost ratio and service response rate to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance staff and service providers.
    • Provides facility assessment to determine the condition and replacement cost of critical facility assets and calculate facility condition Index (FCI) rating.
  • Automates the generation of work requests and capital projects to manage the remediation of deficiencies or implementation of environmental opportunities.
    • Routes auto-generated work orders to appropriate personnel and service providers as needed for condition-based maintenance.

In a nutshell, IBM TRIRIGA’s condition-based maintenance tools identify building issues before they escalate and require more expensive repairs. It delivers value to facilities/maintenance managers through identifying possible issues before they have a chance to develop into a serious problem.

To learn more about how ValuD can help you with corrective, preventive and condition-based maintenance with IBM TRIRIGA, contact our TRIRIGA experts at

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