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Portfolio Administration Course

Nishevitha Vijayanand
29th March
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Organizational changes and realignment is quite common in most organizations but it is the logistics involved in such reassignments that turn out to be a tricky affair. For instance, say the sales department moves from one business unit to another in an organizational shuffle. What happens to those notifications and approvals associated with the sales department? What if there are hundreds of records assigned to a contact role in that department?

It is critical that the organization’s facilities software reflects this new organizational structure. This means that, as per our example, associated sales resources (like people, assets etc.) will need to reflect the organizational hierarchy of the new business unit. Making these changes can be cumbersome and some of the records might get missed.

IBM TRIRIGA allows you to accomplish these tasks easily and effectively. Expert TRIRIGA knowledge is not needed. A basic understanding of Microsoft Office products is all it takes for your administrator to perform these tasks in the TRIRIGA system. Take a look at our ‘clip-tip’ below to learn how…

To know more on how you can do similar tasks with IBM TRIRIGA, enroll in ValuD’s IBM TRIRIGA Portfolio Administration course . This one-day training course will give you an overview on the use and application of data templates, TRIRIGA security, TRIRIGA licensing and an introduction to approvals and document manager.

This course is one of our most highly sought after courses and helps serve as a foundation for students to learn the capabilities and limitations of the system. We are offering this class either virtually, on site at your location, or at our training center in Dallas.  If you would like to learn more about this class or any of our other classes, please email