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Why the right Maximo support is critical to your asset management strategy

Joe Baughman
15th February
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Capital cost is the single biggest component of asset intensive companies like utility providers, power plants or transportation companies. Asset management in these kind of industries is strategic since even a minor breakdown of their critical assets can result in significant losses.  By providing a comprehensive view of each of the assets, IBM Maximo ensures visibility and control of asset conditions and maximizes asset productivity.

But the mere implementation of IBM Maximo does not guarantee an optimized ROI for companies. More often than not, companies might not be aware of the extensive capabilities that IBM Maximo offers. In fact, Maximo even offers industry specific solutions which are geared to the needs of a specific industry. This is where a consultant can step in and bridge the gap between the product (Maximo) and the end user (his client). An effective consultant should help reduce your challenges by ensuring that the asset management activity is well implemented and managed.

Solution Areas where consultants can make a difference

  1. General Support and Maintenance: A simple and ‘painless’ user-friendly helpdesk system logs and tracks requests and creates an efficient service process. Whether setting up your out-of-the-box system, helping you restore your business activities to their original state (prior to the installation of Maximo) or handling the day-to-day maintenance activities of the software, your consultant ensures that the software works in the most effective manner.
  2. Training: Activities such as training workshops and/or providing hands-on system training, especially during the first few months of the system installation, can go a long way in promoting user adoption.
  3. Strategic consulting: The consultant can help devise the asset strategy that needs to be followed to manage the asset life cycle. This could mean job plan creation, repair versus replace recommendations, tracking of KPIs, failure identification and taking of corrective action.
  4. Asset Tracking and prioritization: More often than not, in an asset-intensive organization, it becomes very difficult to track the asset family or the department/division. Similarly, prioritizing of assets based on their criticality to operations or costs is important to reduce downtime costs and operations expenses. A consultant can help streamline the business process by helping you use Maximo for asset tracking and prioritization.
  5. Data Migration: Customers of Maximo are primarily asset-intensive companies with long histories. These companies have millions of bytes of information stored in legacy systems that will need to be migrated or integrated to Maximo. A solution provider who is an expert in data mapping and data migration is invaluable.
  6. Integration with other systems: An OOTB Maximo solution will not deliver ROI if it is not well-integrated with your business’s existing systems. Integration with the internal ERP system for instance, can help in accurately identifying the labor cost, especially when the labor time log is maintained in Maximo and the costs are calculated in the ERP system. Similarly, integrating Maximo with the Geographic Information System (GIS) can help identify not only the asset location but also schedule work orders/requests and project planning activities. Identification of the integration touch points, frequency of integration, designing the data flow process between Maximo and the existing systems are some of the areas where a Consultant can play a pivotal role.
  7. Domain Expertise: Maximo offers industry-specific solutions for Transportation, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Nuclear Power and Life Sciences. The domain expertise of the consultant can add value to these Maximo users since they are well-versed with the specific business processes and can guide their clients to use the Maximo application appropriately and to their advantage.
  8. Mobility: A mobile EAM application can save both time and resources. Examples include maintenance work-order execution, routing optimization for field service management or on-time deliveries, or environmental, health & safety compliance. A consultant can help in either creating a customized mobile application or help in integrating the Maximo system with an existing mobile application.

The continued success of your asset management strategy lies not only in the implementation of the appropriate asset management software for your business but also in enlisting the right kind of support for the software. As a long standing and trusted partner of IBM, ValuD (through AME, our Maximo services company) has been providing implementation and support services for IBM Maximo, the leader in Asset Management Solutions. To ensure the continued success of your asset management strategy, contact us at

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