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Are you a TRIRIGA Requestor? What to look for in a TRIRIGA mobility solution

Nishevitha Vijayanand
20th September
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Mobility has revolutionized business. Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of software interactions in enterprises will occur on mobile devices[i]. What does that mean for facility maintenance?  With service technicians always on the go, accessing TRIRIGA remotely can help maximize efficiency and productivity by combining the convenience and power of handheld devices, like smartphones and tablets, with the robust capabilities of TRIRIGA.

Users have different needs for a mobile TRIRIGA application, depending on their role.  In a series of blogs, we will focus on what various roles – Requestor, Supervisor, Technician, Approver and Inspector – seek in a TRIRIGA mobility solution. We start with the Requestor (a person who raises a Service Request) and their desired use for a mobile TRIRIGA solution.

What a requestor looks for in a TRIRIGA mobility solution
Request Creation: the most obvious feature – allow the requestor to create a service request easily – with request type, asset location, and problem description.

Request Tracking: let the user track the service request based on the work order status in real time. It should also notify the users of changes in work order status and other related tasks.

Attachments: allow the user to upload all asset related information to TRIRIGA. It should support various file types including document, image, audio, and video files to assist supervisors/technicians to gain a better understanding of the problem.

Feedback: The requestor should be able to provide feedback on his user experience.

How can MobilD help
ValuD’s MobilD – Mobility Delivered for TRIRIGA – brings a role based user experience and intuitive dashboard and KPIs to ensure the Requestor views information that is directly relevant to his/her role and gets quicker access to data. MobilD can help the requestor to:

  • Create all types of asset-related service requests for self and their team
  • Select the location as well as the user-specific asset by scanning the bar code or the QR code of the asset
  • Provide a brief description of the problem
  • Add and update attachments like images, documents, audio and video
  • Assign service request priority
  • Track open and closed service requests in real time
  • Receive notifications
  • View survey requests on task completion and perform survey actions
  • Change password from mobile

A mobile application gives the end user the advantage of accessing crucial information at their fingertips. ValuD’s MobilD bridges the gap between field work and desktop use in IBM TRIRIGA. To see a demo, join us at TRIMax or connect with us at

[i] Predicts 2017: Mobile Apps and Their Development

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