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Are you a TRIRIGA Technician? What to look for in a TRIRIGA mobile solution

Nishevitha Vijayanand
11th October
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In previous blogs we covered what RequestorsSupervisors and Approvers look for in a TRIRIGA mobile solution. Now let’s focus on the features that a Technician needs.

The technician has the responsibility of completing the Service Request raised by the Requestor. Whether it is a corrective maintenance task, whether a pre-existing repair, preventive maintenance, or facility inspection, the technician in the field stands to gain the most from a mobile solution.

What a technician looks for in a TRIRIGA mobile solution
Personalized Dashboard: A customized dashboard with the ability to view assigned service requests, work task summary KPIs, notifications, and other related tasks.

Work task management:  Plan and manage assigned work tasks – view assigned tasks based on priority, begin or stop work, place the task on hold, complete work, and submit.

The technician should also be able to add parts with quantity required to the assigned work task and view procedures to complete the work.

Attachments: View and upload all task related information to TRIRIGA. Support for various file types including document, image, audio, and video files

Time Entry: View and record time entry for all assigned tasks

How can MobilD help
ValuD’s MobilD – Mobility Delivered for TRIRIGA – brings a role based user experience and intuitive dashboard and KPIs to ensure the technician views information that is directly relevant to his/her role and gets quicker access to data. MobilD aids the technician in the following ways:

  • Customized dashboard and work task summary KPIs
  • Add parts and quantity
  • View procedures to complete the work tasks
  • Manage work tasks – start or stop a work task, put the task on hold or complete the work task
  • Attach images, audio & video Files
  • Perform Root Cause analysis
  • Use GPS Locator to track location on Work Task
  • Quick Navigations to jump directly to respective transaction
  • Create work task on-field for ad-hoc work
  • Capture and view time entry
  • Change password from mobile

The right mobile application gives the end user the advantage of accessing crucial information that is relevant to their role and improves their work flow. To see a demo, join us at TRIMax or connect with us at

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