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Unsung heroes of ValuD – TRIRIGA Implementation Expert

Nishevitha Vijayanand
15th November
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Continuing our Unsung Heroes series–this ValuDian, has quickly demonstrated his skill at creating out-of-the-box solutions to solve complex issues leveraging both technical expertise and client management skills.

Having been on both sides of the fence – as an end user and as an implementation expert – our ValuDian has a unique ability to understand different perspectives. This skill is invaluable and allows him to go the extra mile for clients to deliver their unique requirements. In the case of a TRIRIGA implementation for a multinational telecommunications provider, he happened to be a late entrant to the project and realized that the client’s designs were quite nuanced and complicated. To eliminate ambiguity, he went back to the drawing table to better understand the client’s requirements, despite the project having already transitioned to the design phase from the discovery phase. Having spent enough time with key end users to understand their requirements, he created a mock-up in TRIRIGA to present to the client the very next day.

For instance, the client insisted on over 150 customized reports emailed monthly since they weren’t confident that TRIRIGA’s OOTB reports were sufficient. In order to demonstrate TRIRIGA’s extensive reporting capabilities, our ValuDian loaded the client’s portfolio data in the TRIRIGA system and used it to automatically generate most of the reports with no customization required. These examples foster client’s ‘’buy-in’’ and showcase our ValuDian’s technical expertise. In this case, the client not only reduced the number of customized reports to less than 30 but also made optimum use of OOTB TRIRIGA capabilities.

Considering a key measure of an organization’s success is customer loyalty and retention, our ValuDian strives to create user focused solutions that benefit the end users as he believes, “If you can make end users happy, then the system admin will be happy.” Recently, he had a client who was facing severe performance issues for time entry validation due to sub-optimal performance of their in-house custom application. Our ValuDian created a pre-defined set of rules to flag all records with potential issues.  Thus, processing time was reduced significantly, saving end-users time.

Similarly, he understands that the end users are not overtly interested in the product’s technical specifications but mostly concerned about how the product will help get their work done. Therefore, he uses the ‘carrot and stick’ method wherein he slowly nudges the end-users into fitting into the new system. He does this by highlighting the benefits of the new system and how it can help the end users with the day-to-day work. He put this system into practice in multiple projects to achieve end user ‘buy-in’ for the newly implemented application. For instance, the end users in a telecom major were facing major issues with Microsoft Excel in calculating overtime. Our ValuDian used the ‘carrot and stick’ approach wherein he gave the ‘carrot’ of TRIRIGA taking over the entire overtime calculations, something that the users had to do manually before, with the ‘stick’ that all the workers had to enter their time in the system.

Client management is an art and our ValuDian, through his many years of experience, has not only mastered the art of dealing with clients but has also imparted this knowledge to his peers and subordinates. Whether it is handling clients in diverse situations or knowing when to recommend a new solution to a problem, our ValuDian has mentored his fellow business analysts to achieve considerable success in client management.

As the adage goes, it is not what you do, it is how you do it. ValuD’s unsung heroes are a testament to this spirit and they are the ones who have helped ValuD become ‘a company with a difference.’

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