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Why you should upgrade to Maximo Version 7.6

5th April
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Are you on the fence on whether your company should upgrade to Maximo Version 7.6?  Let’s walk through what you should consider.

Do I need an upgrade

Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are you on version 7.5 or earlier?
  • Are the customizations in your current version of the software now available in the out-of-the-box version?

If the answer to either one of the above mentioned questions is “Yes”, then you will definitely need to consider upgrading to 7.6.  While, IBM has already discontinued their support for Maximo 7.1 and other earlier versions, they have announced that they will be discontinuing the support for Maximo 7.5, effective 30th Apri 2018.

OOTB functionalities can streamline your business processes and minimize customization and configuration issues. Also consider integration complexity and the end user training needs in your decision process.

Benefits of the upgrade

Maximo 7.6  comes loaded with multiple capabilities which will help achieve greater efficiency in resource management. IBM has also introduced the ‘continuous delivery’ model which ensures that Maximo users get quicker access to all the fixes, enhancements, features and functions versus waiting for a full scale upgrade.

Here are the major features to consider when making your upgrade decision:

Installation Considerations

  • Single interface for installation and updates
  • Support for multi-tenancy environments
  • Improved Workflow designer that minimizes conflicts with other applications

Technical Considerations:

  • Process Content Packs (PCPs) containing best practices data to minimize configuration efforts
  • In-session or thread based logging to ease debugging process
  • Automated scripting enhancements to simplify data entry process

Functional Enhancements:

  • Result set portlet – Enables viewing information related to main record of the result set
  • “Lock edit” mode – Allows edits to be made only by a single user at any point in time.
  • Crew Management- Crew types and Crew application
  • Ability to add service addresses for assets and locations
  • Public map API and application designer for map control – Easier access to Google and Bing Maps
  • Log tab for Quick Reporting, Purchase orders and Purchase Requests
  • Mobility – Embedded mobile access with the inclusion of Maximo Everyplace in the core product at no additional licencing cost

Business Intelligence:

  • Perform calculations, create summaries for selected attributes and restrict record access in ad-hoc reports
  • New BIRT Reporting engine allows for enhanced performance and flexibility
  • Streamlined KPI creation and management
  • Cognos report creation

UI Considerations:

  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Customizable fields
  • Collapsible side menu to simplify navigation
  • Hover Capabilities – Hover over a field to view more record-related information

Possible Obstacles
While considering an upgrade, keep in mind that Maximo 7.6 does not support

  • Operating Systems – 32 bit Linux & Windows 2008
  • Browsers – Internet Explorer 7 & Mozilla Firefox 24
  • Application Servers – IBM Websphere 7 & Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.3

With a wealth of new features and capabilities, Maximo 7.6 can positively impact your asset management needs through improved visibility, resource utilization and cost savings. As a long standing and trusted partner of IBM, ValuD (through AME, our Maximo services company) has been providing upgrade, implementation and support services for IBM Maximo. To learn more on how ValuD can help you upgrade to Maximo 7.6, contact us at