Colorado Based Public Research University

Company Description: Colorado based Public Research University
Industry: Education
Solution: Maximo
Services: Upgrade & Support
The ValuD Difference: Ability to track every single cost transaction. “Time Card” simplified data entry process.


A Colorado based public research university wanted to upgrade their Maximo software to further leverage its out-of-the-box capabilities. A lack of understanding of Maximo’s robust capabilities had led to its under-utilization. The client’s PeopleSoft monthly labor billing faced time entry logging and tracking issues. In addition, the PeopleSoft billing data was routed from other inputs via a Microsoft Access flat file making integration with Maximo impractical. Request management was another challenge area as requests were being processed using an obsolete software that the client wanted to phase out and replace with Maximo. The client counted on ValuD to revamp and simplify the entire business process using Maximo and make it more efficient and effective.


In conjunction with the Maximo upgrade, ValuD helped streamline various business processes for the client. First addressing the monthly labor billing issue, ValuD created billing review capabilities in Maximo replacing the need for Microsoft Access in the billing process. This way, the billing statements could be reviewed and confirmed by the maintenance staff before being sent to PeopleSoft. Similarly, ValuD resolved the time entry logging and tracking issues by creating a new system which provided flexibility in time entry. For example, a maintenance worker could postpone time entry record creation to the next month or flag unbilled hours. In addition, ValuD created a fully customized “time card” screen which simplified the data entry process for the maintenance staff. ValuD also adapted Maximo OOB functionalities to phase out the obsolete service request software and streamlined and automated the Service Request Management process.


With coaching from ValuD, the client could better understand and fully utilize Maximo’s full capabilities to streamline numerous business processes. The business process revamp resulted in substantial cost and time savings for the client as they are now able to track every single cost transaction. The maintenance department recouped data that had not been billed earlier – with some transactions dating back up to two years. The “time card” not only simplified the data-entry process for the maintenance staff, but also allowed them to track total hours worked on a single screen, eliminating the need to re-visit multiple work orders. The enhanced solution ensured data accuracy in PeopleSoft and enabled the client to track unbilled items increasing their efficiency and effectiveness.

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