People and Culture

At ValuD, the difference is our people. We are a global team of highly experienced RE/FM technology practitioners skilled in strategy, functional and technical disciplines. We proudly celebrate the depth and diversity of the Firm. We use our success in the market to our clients’ advantage by carrying forward valuable insights and lessons learned. We maintain a culture that focuses and rewards solving our clients business challenges and fostering professional and personal growth.

Our founder, Gopi Latpate, was one of the lead architects on the original IBM TRIRIGA solution, and as such, ValuD leverages his insights to best utilize the ins-and-outs of this solution. Gopi’s passion for technology and its power to positively impact people’s lives is a crucial element to our business that is imparted to every employee in our organization. As a global company, our employees come from all over the world, resulting in a worldly, cultured, knowledgeable and diverse team.

The ValuD team is comprised of 280+ IWMS professionals, ranging from project managers, business analysts to subject matter experts and 50+ IBM TRIRIGA-certified technical personnel. This breadth of experience allows ValuD to consistently provide a seasoned team of qualified experts, no matter the size and scope of the project.

Our nimble, flexible organization is committed to the success of our clients, from the project launch to ongoing efforts. Our dedicated team works with you based on your needs, no matter how challenging the project may be.

ValuD takes pride in our 100% customer retention, an accomplishment that stems from our employees ownership for the quality of our solutions-an ownership that sets us apart from the industry. Because, for us, this isn’t just a job; this is what we do to make the world better.