Mobility for Maximo with EZMaxMobile

EZMaxMobile is a state of the art mobile solution that was designed and developed for today’s mobile user. EZMaxMobile provides any Apple, Android or Windows phone device with the ability to interact with IBM’s Maximo application system in both real-time (connected) as well as offline (disconnected) modes. In addition, EZMaxMobile will seamlessly transition from real-time to offline mode when a user’s connection to the Maximo environment is lost.

EZMaxMobile provides functionality for generating and managing work order, asset, inventory and purchasing related transactions. EZMaxMobile has the capability to perform bar code scanning as well as picture uploads related to work orders, locations and assets. The mobile user can also capture GPS coordinates associated with work orders, locations and assets then view these attributes using EZMaxMobile’s “work map” functionality.

EZMaxMobile is the ONLY fully functional Maximo mobile solution out-of-the-box that can be installed in 30 minutes or less.

Mobile devices with a built-in GPS capability can record longitude and latitude coordinates when creating new work orders.  Mobile Maximo never looked so good.Scan barcodes to capture work orders, assets, locations, and inventory items. Barcodes such as Code 39, Code 128, QR Codes, EAN, UPC with mobile-device cameras or external Bluetooth enabled barcode scanners.

A photo taken on Apple, Android, and Windows devices can be automatically uploaded into Maximo’s linked documents and directly associated with a work order, asset, location, or inventory item as an attachment. Annotate photos with critical information helps improve communication and efficiency.


  • Work Order Management
  • View Job Tasks and Safety Plans
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Issues and Transfers
  • Physical Counts
  • Signatures
  • Push Notifications
  • Voice to Text
  • Asset auditing (including classifications)
  • Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders
  • Meter Readings, Inspections and Routes
  • Easily Generate Follow-up Work Orders
  • Capture Electronic Signatures
  • View Start Centers
  • Assignment Manager
  • Built-in Bar Code Scanning
  • Automatic picture upload associated with a work order, asset or location
  • GPS enabled for work orders, locations, assets
  • View linked documents (attachments)
  • Works with Smart Devices, PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Ruggedized devices
  • Seamless transition from on-line to offline mode
  • Offline mode easily handles thousands of records
  • Very simple synchronization process
  • Adheres to all Maximo security, business rules and work flows

No Separate Server Hardware Required
Our lightweight server engine can run within your existing WebLogic or WebSphere application server for mobile Maximo. No new hardware to purchase.

No Client Installation Required
Devices with web browsing capabilities can get up and running without having to install any client software on their mobile device.  Getting Maximo mobile has never been this easy.

Real Time and Off Line Modes
WiFi connectivity may not always be readily available and that is why we have created a complete offline solution for your smart device. EZMaxMobile is your traditional offline mobile engine with power of today’s real-time connectivity.

Download and Sync
Whether you have WiFi connectivity or not, you can download all your work order assignments for the day and work completely disconnected. When you return to the office, you don’t need a docking station to sync. Simply get connected online and quickly upload all your offline work to the EZMaxMobile server engine.

Create Offline Work Orders
The true power of combining offline capabilities with real-time connectivity is when you lose that WiFi connection for just a moment. A great example would be when you go into a secure room without any kind of reception at all and you need to create a work order. EZMaxMobile can detect when you are offline and you will be able to quickly create a new workorder. Once you walk outside that door, you can upload that work order to Maximo.