Strategy Services

ValuD’s RE/FM technology strategy services are structured to help our clients develop a strategic playbook for optimizing their existing technology environments and planning their next generation technology model. As partners in our clients’ success, ValuD uses our strategic technology optimization methodology to help our clients manage their RE/FM technology strategy and roadmap.

Using this approach and supporting toolkit, we work with our clients to develop a baseline of existing RE/FM technologies, isolate redundant and building block systems, identify next generation capability goals and objectives and develop a strategic RE/FM technology playbook and executable roadmap. After making our initial program recommendations, we provide annual health checks to evaluate program progress and re-prioritization of playbook and roadmap activities.

By incorporating ValuD’s program, our clients are positioned to navigate RE/FM technology decisions with greater assurance, expose areas for cost savings, and isolate opportunities for optimization. For many of our clients, it also serves as a highly effective tool for establishing the ‘guard rails’ for managing day-to-day RE/FM technology activities.