IBM TRIRIGA Application Developer Quiz

Take the Challenge: Test your IBM TRIRIGA Application Developer Skills

1. How is a record uniquely identified for a hierarchical type of object?
2. When creating a new business object (BO) in an existing module with at least one BO already in place, what would NOT be inherited from the Base BO in that module?
3. When mapping field data from a legacy OOTB business object that would not originate from a smart section, which data section label would you expect to find in this type of BO?
4. What would be the most effective method to trigger a data validation process?
5. How is a record uniquely identified for a non-hierarchical type of object?
6. What is the purpose of an Includes type of association?
7. Which workflow task should be utilized to expose a previously hidden form component?
8. What is a common method utilized to update a record status classification value?
9. Which field property cannot be modified after the creation of a field of text type?
10. What change should be performed to a locator field design in order to override the system default query that appears when the field is manually edited at runtime?

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