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Best practice: Train at every stage of your TRIRIGA or Maximo implementation

Pratiksha Lokwani
30th May
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Change is inevitable – what matters is how you embrace it. Change drives new solutions and improves existing processes. Adapting to new advanced applications and making adjustments to existing processes can be necessary to achieve compliance and embrace new regulations.

Training people with new technology at each stage is essential to managing change and driving user adoption. Your implementation partner should capture the existing process to minimize the learning curve for the end user.

Your TRIRIGA or Maximo implementation partner should utilize these best practices:

  • Adopt various methodologies showcasing the proposed or out-of-the-box system during the discovery stage and encourage clients to use the system and compare to their existing process – thus drawing parallels and differences. This helps you identify the gaps and work with the implementation partner to bridge the gap efficiently.

Example: during the discovery phase, clients are given access to of all the OOB features and to the new system so they know exactly how the system works.

  • Follow agile methodology where periodic build reviews demonstrate desired process and the new solution. These build reviews serve two purposes: showcase the solution to key stakeholders to obtain their feedback and expose all the users to the system to lessen their learning curve.

Example: Adapting agile methodology will be beneficial to the client as there is a defined process to follow. Conducting review sessions keeps customers informed on the implementer’s progress and provides early detection if deliverables are off track.

  • Conduct periodic (mostly weekly) meetings with hands-on users to keep them abreast about developments and to address any open or critical issues. This meeting should be chaired by the project manager and include subject matter experts, business analysts, accountants, technical leads, developers, along with all the important stakeholders of the company.
  • Hold periodic demonstrations to explain various features available in the system and how a particular feature can be utilized to enhance the functionality.
  • Prepare user-guides as a part of the deliverables that provide step-by-step screenshots.
  • Conduct full-scale training to help end users understand the solution.
  • Provide support after Go-Live.

To affect change, both solution partners as well as end users are equally involved and should participate at each stage. To ensure the transition to the new solution is seamless, your TRIRIGA and MAXIMO solution partner should be present at every step of the project. Continued exposure to the system at various stages further reinforces your understanding of the system and promotes ease of use.

ValuD, a leading solution partner to TRIRIGA and MAXIMO, utilizes these best practices in every client engagement. To learn more about our methodologies, please contact us at

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