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Best practice for TRIRIGA/Maximo: Periodic build reviews

Pratiksha Lokwani
23rd May
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In our previous blogs we’ve advised on what to look for in an implementation partner and what to consider for your data migration. Next we share best practices for periodic build review sessions.

Build review sessions or walkthroughs include the key stakeholders of the project and are used to identify any gaps in the requirements. These reviews happen during multiple phases of the project and ensure that the application is being configured as expected and allow for early detection of issues.

The purpose of a build review is to give customers a sneak peek at the application. At times, client’s expectations may be different and getting the visual confirmation early in the process can save rework and time.

During these sessions, participants are expected to ask and respond to questions, offer suggestions, and provide comments based on their requirements and process flow. This important session should not be skipped as it aids in exposing gaps that the implementer may not have considered.  Additional requirements may be identified in this session, while other needs are confirmed, amended or cancelled.

Schedule your review meeting for no longer than one hour. You can host separate sessions for specific issues, apart from the entire team meeting. Always be conscious of how you’re spending other people’s time. All team members do not need to be involved in every aspect of the project.

Customers should leverage the build reviews and approvals as a project milestone before moving to the next phase of the project. The benefits include:

  • Insight into the look and feel before actual roll out
  • Understand the system flow rather than demos/mock ups
  • Make minor changes to improve the user interface
  • Map requirements to how the system actually works
  • Train users and begin to develop user manuals
  • Provide valuable input to ensure quality development

Guidelines for a successful and effective review meeting:

  • Identify the objective of the build review session
  • Schedule the time and stick to it
  • Create an agenda
  • Ensure all personnel are available (business champion, project managers, users, etc.)
  • Document all details and decisions
  • Keep the meeting on track

Build review sessions are powerful tools to help you in manage your project successfully. However, these status meetings should go beyond simply gathering and reviewing status updates from team members.  These meetings should augment your plans by harnessing the collective input of the complete team to resolve issues, train users on how to resolve issues, and reinforce key points to move the project forward.

In case you missed our previous best practices/lessons learned, check out the series here.

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