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Gain a lot more from Maximo 7.6.1 Upgrade

Pratiksha Lokwani
19th September

The new upgrade of MAXIMO 7.6.1 has something for all. There are new features and enhanced capabilities to improve the performance and experience of the customer. Maximo has a new modified and interactive user interface (UI) as well as a handful of add-ons to the application to improve the handling of personal information.  There have also been considerate enhancements made to multiple Work Centers and to the system property that manages authentication for Maximo Integration Framework. See below for a detailed list of just a few of the enhancements made to Maximo 7.6.1:

  1. MAXIMO is made smarter in deciding what is required to whom and supply it accordingly
  • For example:  User Interface, Cron, Integration, Report everyone has their own customized needs. MAXIMO builds and deploys appropriate bundles that are needed based on the workload requirements.
  1. Modernized User Interface (UI)
  • Renovated user interface helps users be more efficient and dynamic positioning of labels takes place responsively according to the size of the screen.
  1. Interactive Analytics
  • Customers can now easily transpose, discover, visualize, and share their content using Cognos Analytics dashboards, storybooks, and reports and it also provides an web-based modeling, authoring, and viewing tools to build the content.
  • On this Dashboard you can strike the perfect balance between your users’ needs to generate their own content and your organization’s need to manage and save content.
  1. Setting integration framework authentication without a server restart
  • After handling this upgrade you need not restart the server or redeploy the EAR file. This property can be configured at a server level so that you can set this property for a specific set of servers and have a different setup for other servers.
  1. Efficiently manage personal information
  • Enhancements in the People application include the ability to remove personal information from people records. One can choose how much information he/she wants to reveal to the people outside their office.
  1. Ease of Work Management
  • There have been significant enhancements in work management to make work easier and more interactive:

In work supervision:

  • Capability to review and reply to service requests
  • Usability enhancements for the Work Progress page
  • Improvements for making follow-ups of work orders
  • Capability to link job plans with work orders
  • Improved skill to plan the work of your engineers
  • Track asset details like location and other details from work orders

In work execution:

  • Generate follow-up work orders
  • Report failures and deliver evidence about problems, causes, remedies (PCR)
  • Note downtime and record meter readings
  • Promptly inform about work status
  • Note rotating asset usage
  • Track asset details like location and other details from work orders
  1. Ticketing Systems makes it easy to respond to service requests
  • A new feature named code scanning is added which allows someone to know the location from where the service request has been generated by scanning a QR code or barcode on your mobile device or desktop.
  • You can create service requests more efficiently with standardized work centers throughout the process.
  • With streamlined ticketing system, one can prioritize the request as per urgency.
  1. Enhancements in Inspections
  • Once the inspection is done one can review and follow-up the asset, location, work order, and inspection details that are related with the work.
  • There has been significant changes done in inspection form and made it more in detail so that the inspection is conducted in a systematic manner.
  • A new and interesting feature added is one can conduct inspection using speech to text feature wherein one can speak and things will get converted to text.
  1. Get visual representation of the current state of the deployment
  • each detail of a company’s deployments such as database connection, memory threads, application server, JVM threads, database connection pool, class or class loader, Maximo business object (MBO) count, event topic tree, JMS Queue connectivity, or cache information and other system information can be tracked so that if there is some error it becomes easy to troubleshoot the problem.
  1. Advancements in Admin Mode
  • There have been increase in system automation when admin mode in turned on
  • When Admin mode is turned on, a list of tasks that are presently in running or shut down state are shown.
  • When Admin Mode is turned on, reports are disallowed from running and any reports presently running are canceled. When Admin Mode is turned off, the capability to run reports is enabled.

Please note that prior to upgrading your MAXIMO asset management system, you must keep the following prerequisites in mind:


  • If you are upgrading from an earlier version of MAXIMO Asset Management, you must install Maximo Asset Management 7.6.1 in an isolated location on an organizational workstation that is running a UNIX or Windows OS as the files that are incorporated with Maximo Asset Management 7.6.1 exchange all existing core Maximo Asset Management files.

Above is simply a list of the major changes/enhancements made to MAXIMO 7.6.1. To find out more about MAXIMO 7.6.1, including new features not mentioned in the above list, please contact

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