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Load TRIRIGA/Maximo sample data early to set the stage for a successful Go Live

Pratiksha Lokwani
13th June
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Now that you have chosen an expert implementation partner and sorted your data migration dilemma, it’s now time to load some sample data. This implementation stage is the “Beta Testing” stage. A small set of actual data from your legacy system is migrated to the new application. This mini-migration activity helps you identify data inconsistencies and plan accordingly.

Data at an early stage provides you with a showcase of the system before any customizations. Inserting data early lets you view how data will interact and communicate within your system.  This early view allows the implementer to ask the right questions and design and implement the system accordingly.

Why insert a sample set of data early?

  1. Identify the proficiencies and gaps.
  2. Understand data within TRIRIGA or MAXIMO objects and how those objects are interrelated.
  3. Finalize requirements for customizations which reflect workflow changes.
  4. Scope the reporting requirements.
  5. Plan for required integrations, like financial systems.

How will loading sample data early benefit you?

  1. Determine whether TRIRIGA or MAXIMO fulfills your business requirements early on.
  2. Improve and refine your project plan.
  3. Build out your data templates with great insight.
  4. Adopt new workflows and business processes.

For example:

A financial company migrated ten data samples. During the discovery session, after the client gained full insight on the system, they determined the customizations required to support their work process. Data templates were used for internal user training. During UAT, after customizations were complete, 100 entries were migrated, which uncovered new issues.  The new issues were addressed, data was migrated again, and UAT went smoothly.   This level of preparation resulted in a successful Go-Live.

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