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Optimizing Utility Performance with Maximo Solutions

Pratiksha Lokwani
1st August
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Utilities, such as Power Stations (Nuclear, Fossil fuels, Hydro, Solar and Wind), and their related transportation assets (Transmission and Distribution grids, Water and Gas Pipelines, etc.), are some of the most critical and continuously required facilities in existence. Without them, businesses and households would not have access to the necessary energy and water needed in daily life.

The main objectives of Utility companies are:

  • Provide safe and reliable operations
  • No energy or water should be wasted or leaked
  • Maximize resources when generating fossil and hydro energy
  • Keep the environment safe while generating nuclear energy
  • Ensure all vehicle maintenance prior to use to prevent issues while in transit
  • Recycle wastewater

Considering Utilities require a substantial investment in both Manufacturing, Storage and Infrastructure assets, it is necessary to maximize the utilization of all of these components to achieve sustainability – thus maintaining these assets is a crucial part of the Utility industry.

IBM Maximo is the premier Asset Management solution catering to all the needs of the utility industry.  With Maximo, a company can organize and manage all regulatory and compliance requirements of assets such as transmission, distribution, power generation, water and wastewater treatment, and fleet vehicles.  Maximo increases asset efficiency by associating numerous work and asset management solutions into a single platform and database.

Used by more than 300 utility providers, Maximo affords an easier and more efficient method of handling tasks in a consolidated manner.  Enterprise Asset Management can help firms take a more strategic role in managing assets and service performance, working with Operations, Engineering, Maintenance, and IT.

Maximo functionality also manages a wide range of critical assets and supporting business processes including, Asset management, Work management, Maintenance management, and Supply chain management.

Maximo Solutions

Results and benefits of implementing Maximo for Utilities:

  • A solution designed to cover all service level agreements, integrations, process management and reporting standards set by the regulators ensuring minimum deviations.
  • Moderates costs and complexities
  • Curtails risk of business interruptions and performance penalties
  • Enhances customer service, with a condensed risk of regulatory consequences.
  • Real-time reportage and GIS integration for mobile staffs.
  • More refined data allowing for better resolution with quicker responses to business/industry deviations.
  • Orientation to the international ISO 55000 Standard for Asset Management.
  • ‘Out of the box’ functionality shortens, execution time thus reduces project costs.

Maximo results in shrinking costs with the adoption of better operational practices, such as matrix-based work ordering and modeling.

With Maximo, normal asset description data can be imported, which increases visibility into the true physical location of assets and protection zones.  It also helps required process automation and adherence, thus ensuring a robust control mechanism.

For more information regarding the Adaption of Maximo for the utility industry, please contact us at

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