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Perform Capital Project Planning with TRIRIGA

Pratiksha Lokwani
12th September

Organizations are investing millions of dollars in executing various construction and renovation projects each year. Implementing project control and prioritizing the sequence of execution, accelerates effective project delivery in timely manner and within the specified budgets. Now, all capital projects can be handled through a single platform, IBM TRIRIGA Capital Project Management Solutions. IBM TRIRIGA Capital Project Management Solutions not only improves your ability to effectively plan a project, but also helps you accelerate your project schedules.

IBM TRIRIGA Capital Project Management is an intelligent platform which identifies high yield projects, shrinks and streamlines project schedules, and rationalizes cost accounting process for projects.

IBM TRIRIGA’s capital project management Module:

  1. Expands the quality of capital, facility, and conservational projects
  2. Accelerates project schedules and complete task on or before deadline
  3. Classifies wealth priorities for different projects
  4. Analyzes project risks and monetary benefits
  5. Automates project management controls and alerts necessary to deliver projects in an effective manner.
  6. Streamlines project cost accounting.
  7. Provides integrated processes and analytics.

IBM TRIRIGA capital project management can help you easily manage and plan for all of your capital project expenses. Right from project setup to execution and closure of the project, IBM TRIRIGA can help and guide you at each step.

Initially, TRIRIGA handles lower level tasks that are related to achieving goals specific to a capital project, for example: it includes project planning, project budgeting, resource allocation, and project tracking. Then, Program Management, which consists of high level activity management for multiple capital projects, can help you align project goals with business goals.

In a capital constrained project, many organizations have limited resources and time to complete projects. Many times, due to financial constraints, organizations fail to meet planned outcomes and do not produce quantifiable business requirements. With, IBM TRIRIGA you can plan all your expenses in advance and set timelines accordingly to proceed with the work.

What you can achieve by adapting IBM TRIRIGA Capital Project Management Solution into your Enterprise:

  • Prior to starting a project, you can create templates and cost codes to save time throughout the project management process. By creating the templates one can ensure that the information is stable for all projects. Cost code structures rationalize the financial activities that take place within an organization.
  • MS Projects can be directly integrated with IBM TRIRIGA Capital Project Management Solution and schedules can be picked up and updated, without any manual intervention of adding all tasks against all projects.
  • Have access to ready to use template that are available in TRIRIGA, for example: Checklist Template, Budget Template, Lease Template, Project Templates and many other which simplifies the work for the people working on projects.
  • You can manage, add, and define aspects of a project like: project opportunity, agenda, financial plan, project responsibilities, and roles in IBM TRIRIGA Capital Project Management Solution. For example, you can define a project team and safety admission for each team member by assigning authorized access to each individual.
  • In IBM TRIRIGA Capital Project Management Solution users have the ability to view a company container where they can see all the projects for a specific company. Furthermore they can view all the information related to a project in the project container. The Project container contains all the details of the specific project, where the people assigned to that project can only view all the details.
  • Enhanced security where access is given only to authorized personnel.
  • Scheduling and handling projects is a continuing process throughout a projects lifecycle. You can make plans for items such as finances, agendas, and strategies, then manage and tack these items. All features of planning and managing a project are aimed at achieving goals within budget, deadline, and other constraints.
  • One can even handle Procurement Management through IBM TRIRIGA Capital Project Management Solution to gain resources and facilities that are required to execute a project. This method includes: managing the contract creation process, managing the purchase order creation process, handling invoices, and liberating expenditures.
  • Standard contracts and purchase orders are created automatically in the system upon winning the bid. Throughout project execution users can: track evidences, achieve daily reports, and manage and generate chronicles to guarantee the plan is on track.

IBM TRIRIGA Capital Projects provides increased business returns and accelerated project schedules through advanced project planning and project management features by effectively evaluating finances and prioritizing projects that will not only help the enterprises grow with a pace but also have a high succeeding rate of projects.

For more insight into IBM TRIRIGA Capital Project Management, please contact:

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