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Space Utilization and Planning with IBM TRIRIGA – Part 2

Dalbir Dugal
17th October
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In our previous blog, we covered features in TRIRIGA which help companies optimize their space utilization. This blog dives further into IBM TRIRIGA space management functionality and focuses on how TRIRIGA enhances space utilization and planning, including space occupancy metrics for buildings and workplace structures.

Having a well planned and executed space management strategy yields greater returns on real estate and facilities investments.  The Space Management functionality in IBM TRIRIGA works to improve strategic facility planning, handle advanced space and move management, which results in an increased utilization of the overall facility.

Below are a few features of IBM TRIRIGA space management which can help you achieve the goals mentioned above:

  1. Projecting Your Actual Space Occupancy:

Collecting data current space utilization determining the actual need for space in your organization can help you meet your business objectives. With the TRIRIGA space management module, you can set up space forecast surveys to gather information from all the business managers about their portfolio plans and departmental goals and objectives. It gives you information on the total number of buildings, total capacity of your building, the number of floors, the actual space utilized by your employees, occupancy cost per person and the total space actually utilized.

  1. IBM TRIRIGA Strategic Facility Planning:

IBM TRIRIGA Strategic Facility Planning provides the most advanced facility planning potential to set up an understanding of staple business demands. This simplifies intricate planning analysis and makes implementation of facilities plans more efficient. Whether it is strategic, master or tactical, TRIRIGA Strategic Facility Planning helps facility managers increase the efficiency of all types of facilities planning – providing capabilities for unique visual scenario modeling, advanced performance analytics, and automated workflow engine. Some features of TRIRIGA Strategic Facility Planning are:

  • Identifying the gaps between the supply of space with the demand for space
  • Evaluating multiple scenarios and recommending best-suited scenario for facility planning
  • Offering agility and flexibility through automation
  1. Move management – Planning and Implementation:

One of the most promising features of IBM TRIRIGA is how simple it is to manage people and assets that occupy the space. Even in complex situations like mergers and acquisitions, TRIRIGA strategic facility planning can help your organization with efficient move planning and execution. With IBM TRIRIGA, move managers can make their space plan rearrangements through CAD floor plans, and initiating the planning and implementation of layout designs. Move managers and planners can even plan and manage their day to day small moves, office reconfigurations and even furniture requests within TRIRIGA. Additionally, through operations performance metric goals within TRIRIGA, you can monitor and control the time taken to complete the move, area & people moved as well the churn rate.

  1. Increasing Space Utilization of Your Facility:

After labor, space is considered to be the biggest cost contributor to an organization. Measuring your space utilization ensures that your space requirements meet your business needs and objectives. Space utilization functionality in IBM TRIRIGA provides a significant contribution towards maintaining and tracking the existing space arrangements within an organization. By performing regular space audits and creating space utilization records within TRIRIGA, space managers can address access space requirement and even deal with inadequacy.

Apart from space and move planning, allocation, and utilization, IBM TRIRIGA helps in monitoring space and energy utilized at a granular level. This facilitates the reduction of energy spend in an underutilized area. Overall, IBM TRIRIGA space management module offers enterprise sustainability, real estate and facilities management solutions with industries most advanced capabilities focused on reducing operating costs and increasing your return on investment.

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