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Unsung Hero – TRIRIGA Business Analyst

Pratiksha Lokwani
8th August
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As you have read in our Unsung Hero series, ValuD has incredibly talented, multi-tasking, resourceful people – our key differentiator in the TRIRIGA and Maximo markets. In this post, we showcase a multi-talented individual with the designation of Business Analyst, but who is always ready to step up and serve in any capacity needed for a project. She often handles multiple roles at the same time while completing all tasks smoothly.

As one of the most experienced employees at ValuD, she was asked to participate in our mentor program.  This program consists of touch point meetings  every other week, providing a platform for mentors and other BAs to openly discuss issues / concerns / road blocks and stop points for projects. The primary goal is to provide lessons learned from past implementations to help others avoid similar hurdles going forward.

Our expert ValuDian always tries to ensure client success by utilizing knowledge gained across the many implementations she has worked on – while trying to find areas where OOTB system functionality can be utilized thus minimizing customized business processes. Her overall approach to a project always gains confidence from the client, instilling in them trust that ValuD will deliver a successful product!

Many projects have required her to step into a technical lead role where she was required to help design integrations, and drive` the conversation between client and integration teams to determine processes, field mapping, etc.

An example of her filling multiple roles was a recent Lease Accounting project where the client discovery session was very complex and required her to be onsite.  Not only was she gathering requirements, but she also spent a significant amount of time performing component testing ensuring the unique accounting solution met all requirements. The project was uniquely complex as it required our ValuDian to work directly with the client accounting team – not only to determine requirements but also validate the system.  This included our ValuDian confirming all calculations were correct. She always supported the client lead discussions, provided them ‘Best Practice’ recommendations regarding the flow from lease admin to lease accounting in TRIRIGA.  She went an extra mile to help the client, playing both roles of consultant as well as an accountant when required.

Another paradigm of her expertise was reflected during a critical data migration project with many challenges identified through the discovery and implementation phases. The most strenuous challenge witnessed by team ValuD was to decode an unfamiliar database with a unknown broken structure. To cope up with this dilemma, our ValuDian developed special tools to organize and understand how this database worked so all data could be re-mapped, thus allowing the project to successfully transition through migration to Production migration.  She was then able to help migrate approximately 700 leases, which included lease activation processing, in less than 4 days !

These are the few insights into our latest unsung hero who is multi-talented, and multi-tasks with ease. She has always been a “Super Women” and with all her super powers – she handles hurdles and responsibilities successfully.    We are more than proud to have her onboard at ValuD.

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