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Unsung Heroes of ValuD – TRIRIGA Business Analyst

Dalbir Dugal
31st October

Our next hero in the series is a highly talented IBM TRIRIGA Project Manager supporting our Sales Enablement Team. He is a certified Business Analyst with immense experience in managing enterprise applications.   This ValuDian functions in more than one role with his primary responsibility being that of reinforcing sales activities through detailing and providing appropriate business solutions to ValuD clients.  He is actively involved in requirement analysis and feasibility studies, converting broader requirements into system level requirements which ensures timely delivery of projects.

He starts his day by coordinating with his proposal and solution accelerator teams reviewing ongoing projects.  Late in the evening, he often coordinates deliverables with clients addressing any questions.  Our ValuDian compiles raw-data sets for instant information access during the RFI (Request for Information) submission cycle.  Upon acceptance of an RFI, he and his team begin their next critical goal of RFP (Request for Proposal) submission, employing their technical expertise assisting the sales team answering technical and functional questions related to the proposal.  At times, his multifaceted job profile requires his travel to a client location for demos and query resolution.

Along with effectively articulating and representing business processes, our ValuDian is responsible for designing, developing, testing and supporting reports, interfaces, data conversions and enhancements in IBM TRIRIGA.  Under his leadership, he and his team have recently developed leveraged the new UX framework in IBM TRIRIGA to design and develop UI/UX applications.

His drive for excellence has constantly encouraged him to dive into the depths of the TRIRIGA application along with related frameworks and technologies. Applying his working knowledge and business logic, he and his team have developed several functional and implementation automation solution accelerators, which fill existing gaps within the application, covering the full lifecycle of TRIRIGA.

In his attempt to assist a global coffeehouse chain, our ValuDian built a customized UI/UX solution accelerator supported by IBM TRIRIGA which eliminated their rigorous and monotonous process of store condition assessments.  Prior to this IBM TRIRIGA Solution Accelerator, a Facility Manager would personally visit all stores within his territory and conducted facility condition assessments manually, collecting notes and pictures, then later re-enter all collected data into IBM TRIRIGA.  With our Condition Assessment UX application, the Facility Manager not only performs the store assessment process in the field but also generates the resulting evaluation on a mobile phone in real time.  The role-based Condition assessment UX application leverages IBM TRIRIGA UX framework and comes with an intuitive user interface which is loaded with multiple features. The solution proposed was not just accepted by the client, but was highly appreciated and admired as well.

Ensuring quick resolution to difficult business challenges, handling incidents and application breakdowns, performing root cause analysis and ensuring resolution demonstrates the versatile profile of our ValuDian.  Thanks to such heroes who have garnered ValuD with accolades across our customer base.

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