Electric Utility Company

Company Description: Electric Utility Company
Industry: Utility
Solution: TRIRIGA
Services: Implementation
The ValuD Difference: Streamlined lease payment generation process and consolidation of land asset management and business operations


A large electric utility company was in search of an enterprise-level solution for property management, lease administration, and payment/transaction management. The client wished to establish corporate standards for real estate record entry and electronic file-naming / numbering conventions to ensure consistency, reliability, and sustainability of their land asset records and associated business processes. They wanted to implement transactional, mapping, and reporting functionalities that were not available in their current legacy system to automate and streamline their business processes. The client zeroed in on IBM TRIRIGA and required an expert implementation partner capable of implementing the solution within their strict timelines at the lowest cost, as well as a recognized leader in end user training.


ValuD configured IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager with multiple functionalities that enabled the client to obtain extensive and detailed information on their lease portfolio. ValuD leveraged out-of-the-box functionalities for the client going the extra mile to configure valuable functionality beyond the agreed upon requirements. For instance, the client was not aware that documents could be associated to multiple properties. In addition to all of the configurations made, ValuD provided extensive end-user training so that the client was able to use IBM TRIRIGA to its fullest extent.


The IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate implementation helped the client streamline their lease payment generation process and enabled them to extensively analyze their facility data, parcels, and associated contracts resulting in considerable time and resource savings. It also allowed the client to retire multiple legacy systems that no longer met their needs and allowed them to consolidate their land asset management and business operations within a single system. IBM TRIRIGA’s document management capabilities enabled the client to ensure the integrity, security, and reliability of their historical real estate records and reports, while ValuD’s extensive training and support promoted user adoption and minimized downtime. Here is what our client had to say,  

Thanks to all – It went very well. The Hydro Team was very happy with what they saw. What is really great is that they are already thinking of future enhancements. This means they are already able to take what they saw in the application and start applying it and translating their work into it. 

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