Global Coffee House Chain

Company Description: Global Coffee House Chain
Industry: Retail
Solution: IBM TRIRIGA Operations Manager
Services: Hosting and Implementation Services.
The ValuD Difference: ValuD proposed a two phase solution for addressing the challenges – TRIRIGA Re-hosting and Ongoing Hosting.


A Global Coffeehouse chain had its employees (also known as partners) use a software application from Appian that worked on company-issued Apple iPads to conduct store condition assessment of its 10,000+ locations across the United States. The application provided an inspection checklist that guided users as they inspected and scored the condition of the store and the assets contained in the store. The partners, in addition, could also rate the store on various other attributes like drive through, landscaping, walls, etc. in the application.

In its present form, the application requires the partners to filter through a list of assets that may not actually be used in a store leading to considerable inefficiencies in the store condition assessment (SCA) process.  Moreover, as and when the user creates a work task (for items that required attention and/or repair), an email is sent to the call center along with a copy to the SCA initiator with the details provided in the work task. This email is reviewed and used as a base by the call center agents to manually enter the work task into IBM TRIRIGA Operations Manager for dispatch. Furthermore, the current application did not provide visibility on the list of incomplete SCAs thereby greatly inconveniencing the partners. And lastly, the client wanted to improve the overall user experience for the partners by making it easier to navigate through screens, take and view multiple pictures per asset using their mobile device, review their ratings before submission, etc.


ValuD proposed the use of an IBM TRIRIGA SCA tool to address the issues faced by the client. The users could log into the application through a web browser on an Apple iPad over a secure WIFI connection or a data plan. Not only would the tool allow the partners to search for and select a store to assess, but also identify what assets were assigned to a store within IBM TRIRIGA Operations Manager and use only those assets as the basis for the SCA. This will allow the partners to assess only those store assets that pertained to the selected store. The tool will also allow them to take notes and add multiple pictures of assets while conducting an assessment and also enable them to view each of the pictures taken on the device. The partners would also be able to create service requests directly through the application which will greatly expedite the process. The tool will also enhance the user experience for the partners by allowing them to submit assessments, create/view a summary report showing a list of the assets assessed, their weighted score, any notes added and pictures (if any) by asset.


Using the IBM TRIRIGA SCA tool, the partners were able to locate and score uniquely identifiable assets contained within the selected store without having to page through assets that were not in use at a particular store. By injecting service requests directly into IBM TRIRIGA, ValuD ensured that there was less scope for manual entry at the call center, which in turn, led to a substantial reduction in data entry errors, better and more accurate tracking of work orders and faster processing of work orders. By providing the ability to log into the application through a web browser on an Apple iPad, ValuD ensured that the partners could continue using their existing Apple iPads to access the new IBM TRIRIGA SCA tool.  Lastly, by providing accessibility to multiple features on the application dashboard, ValuD ensured that the partners had a truly fulfilling user experience.  The net business results of this application include: more efficient use of field service managers who perform SCAs, more efficient identification and processing of work orders and better end customer satisfaction due to a better store experience.

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