Large School System in Virginia

Company Description: Large school system in Virginia
Industry: Education
Solution: TRIRIGA – Facility Condition Assessment
Services: Implementation
The ValuD Difference: Streamlined facility assessment process and elimination of third party contractor expenses for facility assessment.


The second largest school system in Virginia required a configurable software solution to manage their key facilities-related business processes. Their facilities data was stored in disparate legacy systems, which caused data sorting and organizational issues. In order to perform condition assessment activities, the client resorted to hiring expensive third party contractors, but could only afford them every few years, given the prohibitive costs.

The client sought a comprehensive solution which could satisfy their current and future needs for facility mapping, space planning, energy management, energy sustainability, maintenance work management, scheduling, and MRO inventory management. A centralized system for data management, forecasting and planning was desired to support long range facility forecasting needs. The proposed system needed to leverage out-of-the-box functionalities while also providing flexibility to extend its capabilities to user groups with varying business processes. The system needed to be able to share information with other business applications including Financial/ERP, CAD and GIS. The solution had to drive user adoption with a role-based, intuitive, and adaptable web-based user interface.


ValuD proposed the implementation of IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Operations Manager, Capital Projects, and Facility Assessment modules in two phases to fulfil the client’s requirements. The first phase involved the implementation of the IBM TRIRIGA Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) module where the client leveraged the Out-of-the-box functionalities to become more proactive in evaluating their facilities.  The ease of configuring IBM TRIRIGA allowed the client to tailor the solution for future needs and reduce customization. ValuD provided extensive end-user training to promote user adoption.


With the IBM TRIRIGA FCA module in place, the client was able to streamline their facility assessment process, centralize their data in one single system, and gain better control over their facilities management process. Interfacing the existing GIS, BIM and ERP systems among others ensured the bidirectional flow of information and maximized efficiency.

The IBM TRIRIGA analytical and reporting tools ensured that the client could perform their preventive and predictive maintenance forecasting activities based on their facility and life cycle data thereby eliminating significant third party contractor expenses. As a result, maintenance issues were identified earlier and costs of repairs declined.

IBM TRIRIGA’s intuitive, easy-to-use, role-based user interface combined with ValuD’s extensive training, enabled the client to become proactive in managing their facilities, driving substantial time and cost savings.

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