Mexican Fast Food Chain – Hosting And Data Migration

Company Description: Mexican Fast Food
Industry: Retail
Solution: IBM TRIRIGA Capital Project Manager module
Services: Hosting and Data Migration Services.
The ValuD Difference: ValuD proposed a two phase solution for addressing the challenges – TRIRIGA Re-hosting and Ongoing Hosting.


The client was a Mexican fast casual food company that focused on delivering food with integrity with a variety of food options at each of their approximately 2,000 locations. They had been using an older version of the Capital Project Manager module of IBM TRIRIGA for their capital project and planning needs in a hosted environment.

After having used the older version successfully for years, the company decided to upgrade to the newer version of the Capital Project Manager module. At the same time, they wanted to move off of their current hosting provider and re-host their current implementation in a different hosting environment. This type of hosting transfer meant an all-round increase in hardware specifications. At the time, the current system housed over 4,000 projects for store and project development and had a database of approximately 800 GB of data, the majority of which were documents like PDFs and DWGs. Aside from the obvious difficulty in transferring such a humongous database from a third party datacenter, it was vital that the downtime between snapshot and restore be kept to the minimum. Most importantly, the present system had a total of 700 users utilizing it for managing their store construction processes and it was absolutely necessary to ensure that client continuity be maintained and the transition happen as seamlessly as possible.


ValuD proposed a two phase solution for addressing the challenges – TRIRIGA Re-hosting and Ongoing Hosting. Under the first phase, ValuD helped the client find the right provider setup by proposing an IBM Business Partner’s Softlayer hosting environment. ValuD made certain that the Oracle licensing was in compliance as well.  In order to address the database transfer issue, the team proposed drop shipping a physical hard drive copy of the current database, which would have enough storage for each export of data to test and production. By strategically performing a weekend restoration, ValuD ensured that the downtime was very minimal for the system users thus letting the fast food chain run its operations smoothly with little or no impact whatsoever.


Once the client’s TRIRIGA system was in a production go-live setting, ValuD provided ongoing hosting and support for the hosted environment. ValuD’s support responsibilities were intentionally limited to ensure that the hardware and operating system software was functioning as per its specifications and that IBM TRIRIGA services were continually running. Through all of this, ValuD managed to help the client transfer its TRIRIGA installation to a ValuD hosted IBM Softlayer environment in a very short timeframe. The following extract from the appreciation mail received from the client sums up their satisfaction with ValuD’s contributions in this project,

I can’t thank you enough for working through this beast with us. The extra mile (and a half) is much appreciated, and it’s a reassuring sign of things to come with the new hosting setup”.

In the end, constant communication with all stakeholders proved to be the key throughout this re-hosting process and continues to be so for ValuD’s ongoing hosting support for the client on the IBM Softlayer environment.

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