Minnesota Public School

Industry: Education
Solution: TRIRIGA Mobile Solution – MobilD
Services: TRIRIGA Mobile Solution Implementation
The ValuD Difference: Offered an user-friendly interface, real-time syncing with TRIRIGA, and enabled offline capabilities


Minnesota’s largest public school had been using a heavily customized mobility solution for IBM TRIRIGA. As it was not completely Out-of-the-box (OOTB), the solution had been generating multiple performance (speed, stability, etc.) and compatibility issues. Furthermore, the User Interface was quite complicated defeating the very purpose of a mobile solution. They wanted to replace their existing mobility solution with one that was user friendly, more aligned with IBM TRIRIGA’s OOTB processes and had offline capabilities. Impressed with a product demonstration and having worked with ValuD on a prior project, they selected ValuD’s IBM mobility solution, MobilD to resolve their mobility issues.


MobilD’s complete alignment with OOTB IBM TRIRIGA kept it user-friendly while at the same time satisfying all client requirements and process flows. The IT module for instance, despite being aligned to OOTB TRIRIGA, required ValuD to build a completely customized Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) survey module. This module proved to be extremely challenging because of the dynamic nature of data transactions and the various requested options, at the same time ensuring complete alignment with OOTB TRIRIGA. The timeframe was also quite restrictive as the project occurred at the end of an academic year but needed to complete before the start of the next academic season.


The MobilD implementation provided the school a user-friendly interface, real-time syncing with TRIRIGA, and enabled offline capabilities for the client. The intuitive interface meant that only minimal training was required for end users. The client saved a significant amount of time and effort in carrying out their various activities.

Building maintenance survey time was cut nearly in half.  ‘On the move’ users can now perform transactions like scanning assets, attaching problem areas photos, and approving requests remotely. MobilD’s dashboard provided users with relevant statistics and visual references which helped to improve decision making in a timely manner.

MobilD implementation was a huge success for ValuD and ensued tremendous client satisfaction.  As the client noted: “ValuD has demonstrated a commitment to continual improvement of MobilD product as well as a dedication to Tririga platform”

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