Truck Leasing Company

Company Description: Truck Leasing Company
Industry: Transportation
Solution: TRIRIGA – Portfolio, Capital Projects and Real Estate Lease Accounting
Services: Implementation & Training
The ValuD Difference: Customized IBM TRIRIGA solution provided ‘360 view’ of RE portfolio and helped track lease payments


A Pennsylvania based truck leasing company required a solution that would provide a holistic view of their real estate assets. The client had been using Microsoft Access as a database to track their real estate assets, but were finding it increasingly difficult to support the system due to frequent backups and maintenance issues.

The client needed a robust solution that presented a comprehensive overview of all their real estate transactions and capital projects. The client zeroed in on IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Lease Manager but knew there would be challenges since their previous implementation had not been successful.  The installed solution had undergone extensive customizations, with limited documentation of the changes. Code freeze issues with BIRT Reports necessitated a code review.  As a result, the client needed to hire experts who could navigate through the complexities and they selected ValuD to implement the new solution.


ValuD developed a customized IBM TRIRIGA solution which gave them a ‘360 view’ of their real estate portfolio. This meant the client could look at a particular property and see all leases, owned properties, taxes, and other related details. ValuD also created multiple custom reports to provide transparency. Specialized business process training across the user base ensured that the client’s team understood how to best utilize TRIRIGA Leasing functionality within their work flow.


The TRIRIGA system enabled the client to generate straight-line lease accounting schedules which gave them a detailed perspective of their leasing transactions. Substantial cost savings resulted from lease payment tracking and lease consolidation. Eliminating the use of Microsoft Access saved time. The finance team was able to get involved in the lease accounting process producing ‘footnote reports’ in addition to the custom reports created by ValuD.

The client’s satisfaction with ValuD’s commitment can be best summed up in their own words, “Everyone from your team has been relentless in getting us to a production state and we would have never been here without ValuD”

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