US Based Public Research University

Company Description: Public Research University
Industry: Education
Solution: TRIRIGA – Capital Project Manager
Services: Implementation & Integration
The ValuD Difference: Parallel running of multiple phases of the project helped get the system up and running more quickly and minimized the shock associated with project change.


A public research university in California was looking to implement the IBM TRIRIGA Capital Projects Manager module to manage their small capital projects. The client was using a capital program application, CAPSTAR, at the time and wanted to move to IBM TRIRIGA Capital Projects Manager to consolidate their disparate applications into an enterprise solution that could operate on a single database. The client also wanted to leverage the out-of-the-box functionalities of IBM TRIRIGA to standardize their processes while at the same time capitalizing on IBM TRIRIGA’s built-in integration capabilities with Maximo.  This would allow them to derive a better return on their investment on their IBM Maximo solution.


ValuD proposed a five-phased implementation process for the project leveraging their proprietary FastStart methodology.  ValuD also recommended running one or more phases in parallel occurrence during the duration of the project to get the system up and running more quickly. The first phase involved the implementation of the Capital Project Manager module, which would help the client to leverage the OOTB capabilities of IBM TRIRIGA such as workflow management, project management features, data import and export abilities and document management. The second phase involved creation of custom dashboards for the various stakeholders from the Projects group, while the third phase involved integration of IBM Maximo with IBM TRIRIGA to minimize manual processes and to provide close interchange of data between the two systems. Creation of custom reports, offline forms and training constituted the penultimate phase of this project, while the fifth and final phase was aimed at further extending IBM TRIRIGA’s reach into external vendor processes while providing CAPSTAR capabilities. The final phase involved creation of a contractor’s/external vendor’s portal to help with various activities including Payapp request submissions, bidding processes, and Vendor correspondences.


ValuD was committed to helping the client achieve their goal of consolidating applications and standardizing processes.  Not only did this phased implementation approach help the client to gradually improve their business processes but also minimized the shock associated with project change. By utilizing ValuD’s FastStart implementation methodology, the client was able to achieve their goals quickly and within budget.  ValuD also successfully helped the client integrate their Maximo system and CAPSTAR, which allowed them to fully utilize them to achieve maximum results.

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