US Discount Store Chain

Company Description: US discount store chain
Industry: Retail
Solution: TRIRIGA – Real Estate Manager
Services: System Migration and Functionality Enhancement
The ValuD Difference: Better management of daily activities and resolution of data extraction and transfer issues.


A Philadelphia discount store chain’s IBM TRIRIGA system was not optimized due to inadequate training and support from their implementation partner. In particular, Lease Accounting, in the Real Estate Manager module, experienced significant database update and data extraction issues.

The client sought a new implementation partner and one with expertise to support a move from a Software as a Service (SaaS) to a hosted environment which, in itself, was a complex task.


Despite the data challenges, ValuD tackled the client’s problems and migrated their existing data from a SaaS environment to a hosted environment, which ValuD managed. ValuD configured and tested additional functionality within the IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager and developed custom reports as per the client’s requirements. Issues such as data extraction and transfer of accounting data to the ledger were solved by semi-automating the process, which resulted in significant time savings for the client. ValuD also provided extensive training to aid TRIRIGA adoption to maximize the clients’ ROI.


Extensive training promoted user adoption, allowing the client to manage their daily activities more efficiently. ValuD completed the system migration and functionality enhancement activities on time resulting in time and cost savings. As a result of the successful migration and problem resolution, ValuD earned the client’s trust and appreciation. The client has enlisted ValuD for the second phase of their project, a testimony of their continued satisfaction with ValuD.

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