US Government State Department

Company Description: US State
Industry: Government Department
Solution: IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Management, Capital Projects Management, and Real Estate Management
Services: Hosting and Implementation Services.
The ValuD Difference: ValuD proposed a Saas Offering of IBM TRIRIGA, enhancing and aligning to the best practices established by the client.


The client had been having issues leveraging their current real estate portfolio as a strategic asset to meet their business goals and needed help in making better decisions based on key performance indicators. The systems they were currently utilizing were not sufficient enough to meet their end goals.

They were on the lookout for a comprehensive real estate management software that would support their strategic planning, reduce occupancy costs, optimize their portfolio, and deliver metrics. It had to capture, manage, use and report relevant facility inventory and six-year facilities planning data and had to improve their ability to manage and display facility data via the web. The solution also needed to be able to relate lease projects, acquisition and disposal projects to current lease information and other records such as past leases, future leases, subleases and space management and energy efficiency metrics. In essence, the client was looking to acquire a solution that would support best practices in lease management, project management, transaction management, and space management. And last but not the least, the client required the solution to be provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted implementation.


ValuD proposed a SaaS offering of IBM TRIRIGA to the client for fulfilling their needs. TRIRIGA was the perfect blend of facilities management, capital projects management, and real estate management and fit with their unique needs easily.

ValuD helped the client find a solution that was:

  • Able to meet their in-depth real estate, capital project, and facility management needs
  • Easily configurable to meet their exact requirements
  • Able to create ad-hoc reports and report on key performance indicators
  • Provide one source of truth across all three systems
  • Enhance and align to best practices established by the client

ValuD utilized their FastStart Implementation methodology to ensure that the client’s systems were up and running quickly.  By using the SaaS offering of TRIRIGA, all of the client’s information was stored on a secure server hosted within IBM’s SoftLayer infrastructure. Thus, the IBM TRIRIGA SaaS Solution runs as a completely web-based solution in a single-tenant environment.


ValuD has substantial experience with the setup and maintenance of hosted IBM TRIRIGA environments.  Our team of system administrators and development professionals routinely implement IBM TRIRIGA in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.  The client’s choice to go with a SaaS solution for IBM TRIRIGA was the perfect fit to meet their needs and ValuD helped them realize their true real estate potential through a skilled and tactful implementation.

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