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3rd May
Comments Off on Leverage IIoT to improve asset performance

As organizations recognize the significance of asset maintenance and its impact on the bottom line, companies are increasingly incorporating asset management in their strategic initiatives. The shift from a reactive culture has asset managers seeking opportunities to proactively contribute to the operational and strategic goals of the business. Asset Maintenance and Industrial IoT The maintenance

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12th April
Comments Off on Harness The Power Of IoT For Condition Based And Predictive Maintenance

Did you know 82% of asset failures occur randomly and do not have an age-related failure pattern[1] On an average, 18%-30% of every dollar spent on maintenance is wasted[2] Age-related failure is the basis for Preventive Maintenance. The older the asset, the higher the frequency of maintenance – this kind of time-based cycle has always

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energy management
Jess Fortune
16th November
Comments Off on Technology and Energy Management

Consider this scenario: Firm A’s machinery comprises of 70% of motor and motor-driven equipment. Not only does the company end up with an astronomical utility bill, but they also face the probability of the equipment’s life span being shortened by quite a bit. What’s more, the firm also regularly lands up in trouble with legal

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Rod Ellsworth
Nishevitha Vijayanand
7th September
Comments Off on Interview with Rod Ellsworth of Motors@Work

As “going green” becomes not only a trend but a necessity in our world today, it’s important we talk about energy conservation. Industrial consumption accounts for at least 42% of the global electricity consumption and a significant portion of that is wasted. With one third of such industrial consumption being used by electric motors, it

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