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Top 10 TRIRIGA Maximo Best Practices Blog

Train at every stage
Pratiksha Lokwani
30th May
Comments Off on Best practice: Train at every stage of your TRIRIGA or Maximo implementation

Change is inevitable – what matters is how you embrace it. Change drives new solutions and improves existing processes. Adapting to new advanced applications and making adjustments to existing processes can be necessary to achieve compliance and embrace new regulations. Training people with new technology at each stage is essential to managing change and driving

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Focus on TRIRIGA Maximo Out-of-the-box features
Dalbir Dugal
14th March
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At TRIMax 2017 ValuD released its “Top 10 TRIRIGA or Maximo Best Practices/Lessons Learned”. Based on positive response and participation by TRIRIGA/Maximo enthusiasts, we are initiating a blog series to help you define and map your business processes to optimize your TRIRIGA or Maximo return on your investment. The series will provide guidelines to improve

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TRIRIGA Maximo business champion
Pratiksha Lokwani
4th April
Comments Off on Identify your TRIRIGA/Maximo business champion

Let’s face it – your business is unique and there is no ‘easy button’ or technology that will manage your space or assets without applying your actual business processes. Implementing Maximo or TRIRIGA improves performance, streamlines work processes, increases operational efficiency and allows better space or asset management. During the implementation of either of these

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Project governance
Andy Richter
27th June
Comments Off on Project Governance – Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

All projects have some degree of uncertainty and risk.  Despite our best attempts to initiate projects carefully and engage the most talented resources to deliver the work, business priorities may change and risk may be introduced.  When changes occur, the project team will need direction and/or decisions from leadership and a governing body.  If there

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Data Migration
Pratiksha Lokwani
16th May
Comments Off on TRIRIGA/MAXIMO implementation: The Data Migration Dilemma

You made an excellent choice and selected TRIRIGA/MAXIMO.  As you progress through the implementation plan, you now face the data migration dilemma:  what data is necessary for managing your work flow and what data needs to be preserved for reporting? Data migration is the process of transferring data from one system to another while changing the storage,

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User Acceptance Testing
Pratiksha Lokwani
18th April
Comments Off on Always include User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for TRIRIGA and Maximo implementation

In our previous lessons learned blog, we identified the vital role of Business Champions. In this blog, we stress the importance of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) scripts. Too often companies want to skip or minimize this step in the implementation process, expecting to save time and money. Shortchanging this step in the process can have a completely opposite

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Periodic build reviews
Pratiksha Lokwani
23rd May
Comments Off on Best practice for TRIRIGA/Maximo: Periodic build reviews

In our previous blogs we’ve advised on what to look for in an implementation partner and what to consider for your data migration. Next we share best practices for periodic build review sessions. Build review sessions or walkthroughs include the key stakeholders of the project and are used to identify any gaps in the requirements.

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sample data
Pratiksha Lokwani
13th June
Comments Off on Load TRIRIGA/Maximo sample data early to set the stage for a successful Go Live

Now that you have chosen an expert implementation partner and sorted your data migration dilemma, it’s now time to load some sample data. This implementation stage is the “Beta Testing” stage. A small set of actual data from your legacy system is migrated to the new application. This mini-migration activity helps you identify data inconsistencies and plan accordingly.

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Pratiksha Lokwani
20th June
Comments Off on It is impossible to over-communicate for TRIRIGA and Maximo Projects

“Over-communicate. It’s better to tell someone something they already know than to not tell them something they needed to hear.” — Alex Irvine. The success of any project begins with great communication. With teams becoming more and more global, effective communication is critical. Communication via email, IM, video conference, telephone, text, and face-to-face help establish

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TRIRIGA Maximo Implementation
Pratiksha Lokwani
2nd May
Comments Off on Build your TRIRIGA/Maximo implementation team with seasoned experts – not newbies learning on your dime

The success of any TRIRIGA/Maximo implementation project is highly influenced by your selection of your implementation partner. Even the best planned projects may fail if the project team does not have the right expertise. Depending on your industry sector, and the size of organization, different systems will have particular strengths and weaknesses which will influence the

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