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Mobile based applications have transformed the way we look at managing efficiency and increasing productivity. With digital workplace being the buzzword today, Real Estate and Facility Management leaders are under increasing pressure to ensure that the IT framework of the organization supports a flexible and mobile work environment either by aligning or integrating separate IT and RE/FM infrastructures. Unfortunately, most of the available RE/FM mobile applications are limited either by their technology platform, cost or more importantly, enterprise long term support.

As a Gold Accredited Business partner of IBM TRIRIGA, which is the industry leader in IWMS, ValuD has come up with the perfect solution for the varied difficulties faced by facility managers.

Tririga mobility

MobilD (Mobility Delivered) is your one-stop solution for all your mobile facility management needs. Developed by in-house engineers at ValuD, MobilD bridges the gap between field work and desktop use in IBM TRIRIGA. Developed on Microsoft’s Xamarin and Azure open source platforms, MobilD’s modular architecture, intuitive user-interface and elegant design provide a premium user experience. MobilD is fully compatible with iOS platform and provides real time syncing with TRIRIGA. Because today’s mobile users sometimes find themselves in areas with little or no connectivity, MobilD provides full offline access, ensuring that their work can continue no matter where they are.

MobilD also helps facility managers streamline their RE/FM work processes flow seamlessly integrating with the IBM TRIRIGA application. Now your team can have access to multiple operations including Space reservations, Inspections, Approvals and Dispatch wherever they are right on their mobile screens! They also have the ability to create multiple service requests, add parts, resources and equipment, manage timesheet entry and even plan and manage specific work tasks all at the touch of a screen! All of these features come with the added benefit of ValuD’s award-winning support that our customers have come to experience over the years.

Freedom from custom source code
Having developed MobilD on the industry’s leading mobile application development framework, Xamarin, an open source platform, ValuD has ensured that MobilD is truly user-friendly. This is because Xamarin gives the users the liberty to make changes post-deployment to the application and therefore the user can self-manage it thereby eliminating the need for a systems integrator. Moreover, Xamarin comes with the support of a solid development community network which will also give the user the freedom to modify and manage the application on his own.

MobilD is designed to address the large market demand areas including Self Service Requests, Approvals and Work Order Management.

Features at your Fingertips:

Given its comprehensive and wide range of features and solutions, MobilD can certainly contribute in achieving your RE/FM goals. To know more, schedule a demo below or write to us on

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