ValuD IBM TRIRIGA Condition Assessment UI/ UX Application

ValuD’s IBM TRIRIGA Store Condition Assessment UX application is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the field service manager.  With the Condition Assessment UX Application,  the field service manager can not only perform the store assessment process in the field but can also generate the results of each evaluation right there on his mobile screen!

This role based Condition Assessment UX application leverages the IBM TRIRIGA UX framework, comes with an intuitive user interface and is loaded with multiple features which provides a truly, fulfilling experience for the mobile user. This application always represents live data as it is directly pointed to the original IBM TRIRIGA database through the UX framework.

Users can access the application over their mobile devices and can perform a variety of tasks including:

  • Condition Assessment Record Creation
  • Assessment of all assets/ equipment associated with a store
  • Equipment Rating
  • Ability to create Service Requests and update estimated amount for individual pieces of equipment through a simple click
  • Capability to upload photos
  • Score calculation for each store
  • Report generation