ValuD IBM TRIRIGA GIS Solution Accelerator

ValuD’s IBM TRIRIGA GIS Solution Accelerator has been designed with the objective of simplifying locator capabilities of various parcels/assets/ contract/ project on the GIS surface. It enhances the abilities of IBM TRIRIGA’s native GIS solution by adding an additional layer over the GIS pane while allowing you to search for any parcel as well. You can, at any point in time, search for various objects and open the corresponding TRIRIGA record by just clicking on the hyperlink provided.  Parcels are shown through green colored boxes and the searched parcel is highlighted in purple.


  • Seamless integration with the IBM TRIRIGA native GIS solution
  • Ability to perform a global search (using widgets) across various objects like Parcel, Contracts, Projects, Assets and Locations.
  • Ability to add a new parcel directly through the GIS pane using the “Add Parcel” feature.
  • Advanced filtering capabilities