ValuD IBM TRIRIGA Project-Lite Solution Accelerator

The ValuD IBM TRIRIGA Project-Lite Solution is a comprehensive enterprise tool and provides an easy and effective way for assigning, tracking, auditing and reporting project details as well as requesting services, and managing documents and portfolio data.

The Project Lite solution provides multiple simplified screens under the project management process and utilizes three portals to manage and view project details over the web. When a requestor creates a project request, a project scheduler can approve it and also assign a project manager. The approved request then turns into a Capital Project and the project details for the approved capital project gets directly mapped from the original project request record. Through various metrics, reports, graphics and map details, the Project Lite solution also helps facilitate effective project management with easy reporting.


  1. Simplified Requestor portal and process
  2. Simplified Project Manager portal
  3. Navigation quick links
  4. Custom reports and dashboards
  5. Mapping of project location over GIS pane
  6. Simplified Capital Project form
  7. Document Manager