Who is Motors@Work?
Motors@Work is a cloud-based software-as-a-service that provides intelligent and intuitive analytics that helps motor-driven intensive companies increase their asset reliability, improve collaboration between operations and maintenance, and cut energy and maintenance spending by up to 30%.

With Motors@Work deep motor expertise, proprietary motor catalog, and patent-pending analytics, they help you make informed motor management decisions. Their analytics augment your asset management processes with energy and reliability management best practices.

What sets this Industrial IoT Company above the rest?
Motors@Work supports any stage of your maintenance maturity journey.

Motors@Work leverages your existing technology investment whether you collect motor inventory data with handheld devices, capture data in your ERP or CMMS, or gather data from your SCADA, sensors, and sub-meters. Motors@Work integrates out-of-the-box with IBM Maximo and is also available on the Blueslice/IBM Watson platform.

The solution supplements your asset records, using our proprietary motor catalog, with the manufacturer’s specifications and linking to design specs to improve your asset management decisions. Then, Motors@Work applies complex algorithms to the incoming values to detect problematic operating conditions.

When the platform identifies performance “non-conformities” or items that require action, Motors@Work generates a report with asset history and sensor data and sends alerts to your system. This enables you to determine the proper intervention — such as correcting a potentially motor-damaging stress before it creates a bigger issue or scheduling downtime to replace equipment.

Why has ValuD partnered with Motors@Work?
ValuD is heavily committed to providing clients the ability to fully embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) through IBMs core set of IoT technologies TRIRIGA and Maximo.

Through this solution, ValuD helps provide the tools to systematically identify motor-driven system non-conformity performance and initiate corrective actions through pre-built integrations with IBM Maximo and IBM Watson platform.

The Internet of Things is the next stage in today’s connected world. We partnered with Motors@Work because we believe in their patent pending technology and understand the universal need for energy savings, as well as how it affects the bottom line.

Reduce your second largest cost center by 30%.
Motor Management is the cornerstone for achieving energy and reliability efficiencies and performance. Therefore, it is essential that motor intensive companies identify and understand the value of motor management best practices. To learn more download our white paper on Building the Business Case for managing your motors.

Can ValuD and Motors@Work help you?
Are you an asset management, energy management or reliability professional in the who is interested in reducing energy costs, improving asset reliability or implementing condition monitoring based on DOE certified analytics? Let ValuD and Motors@Work help you today. Call at 877-99MOTOR (66867) or email us today to schedule a 30 minute introductory webinar.