Training Toward Success

ValuD’s Training Academy provides instructional courses that focus on the ins-and-outs of IBM TRIRIGA. What began as our internal Training Program has intelligently evolved into ValuD’s Training Academy, and as the leading IBM TRIRIGA training provider, our courses are constantly refined and updated to reflect innovations in IBM TRIRIGA and is based on client feedback.

ValuD offers all standard courses needed to master IBM TRIRIGA. ValuD provides additional standard classes that are not available from any other source. We can also customize our training programs to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether you’re searching for a standard or customized class, these courses can be delivered on site at your location, at our Training Academy in Dallas or remotely. And because we have global reach, ValuD can help with any TRIRIGA need anywhere in the world.

Prior to beginning a training engagement with ValuD, we often conduct a training assessment to better understand your distinct needs. Some of our clients prefer we are an ongoing training partner with them to put a series of learning programs in place to assist their people in becoming self-sufficient. In such situations, our team works with the client point of contact to develop a tailored curriculum that will be delivered onsite and then followed up with onsite and remote mentoring sessions.

Our clients have shared with us that we are different training providers in that:

ValuD’s trainers have actual hands-on experience with IBM TRIRIGA
Our staff averages more than 6 years of experience implementing, upgrading, supporting and using IBM TRIRIGA. ValuD has successfully implemented more than 65 instances of IBM TRIRIGA. This means our team is better able to relate to the needs of students and can provide the guidance and depth needed to ensure students understand the most practical, real-world way to successfully work with IBM TRIRIGA. We understand the lessons that a book or manual can’t teach.

ValuD provides standard and custom training

Our team offers all of the standard courses required to effectively use IBM TRIRIGA, and we also have the ability to provide custom, client-specific training. This is useful in situations where a client wishes to get a more tailored education experience where data, workflows and forms mimic the overall client’s installation. This can also be useful in environments where a client desires a class be recorded and included in its Learning Management Solution for re-use. Click here to learn more about our courses.

ValuD uses the same public training for our internal staff
As the largest, dedicated implementer of IBM TRIRIGA solutions in the world, ValuD has the same needs as our clients when it comes to growing the skills of our staff. Our staff leverage the same public training courses we offer to our clients. This has the added advantage of allowing us to make sure our courses are always fresh, consumable, and effective.

We can generally provide training with only two weeks notice
Most trainers either publish schedules that require students to re-arrange their schedules to attend, or they provide training only when they can locate qualified trainers. Since ValuD is 100% focused on IBM TRIRIGA, we have a dedicated IBM TRIRIGA training environment available at all times. In addition, we have enough skilled trainers to generally meet most client requests for training within two weeks.