IBM MAXIMO Application Administrator

ValuD Course Code: MAX-WA
IBM Reference Code: NA
Duration: 4 Days

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This class focuses on the administrative modules of Maximo, such as Resources, Contracts, Financials, start center administration and the best practices to follow.

  • Overview of the Maximo modules and applications.
  • Overview of navigation and application standards.
  • Review and discuss naming conventions and auto-numbering.
  • Review search techniques and saving queries.
  • Learn how to create, modify and assign start center templates.
  • Discuss GL account configuration and financial settings.
  • Review the bulletin board application.
  • Learn how to manage person records and user accounts.
  • Learn how to create and use person groups.
  • Review the application and report security structure and how security groups are used.
  • Learn how to create calendars and how they’re applied in the system.
  • Learn how to create craft and labor records and the various ways to associate rates to them.
  • Learn how to create and use qualification records.
  • Learn the different types of contracts and how/when to use them.
  • Learn how to create and use escalations to send notifications and automate actions.
  • Discuss the type of domains (value lists) and learn how to manage them.