IBM MAXIMO Application Development

ValuD Course Code: MAX-ADMIN-AD
IBM Reference Code: NA
Duration: 5 Days

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The intent of this course is to familiarize participants with the development and configuration of IBM Maximo using the Application Designer.  This course focuses on the design, development, and problem solving techniques used within IBM Maximo.  The course will help explain the business logic and development tools of IBM Maximo, and how it can be used to meet your business needs without knowing how to program the underlying code.

  • Overview of the Maximo developer role.
  • Review of Maximo terminology and basic functionality.
  • Name conventions and best practices.
  • Review the Database Configuration and business objects.
  • Learn how to add a new attribute (field) tan existing object.
  • Learn how to add a new business object (table).
  • Learn how to use the Application Designer to:
    • Modify screens, expose new or hidden fields.
    • Create new screens.
    • Hide screen elements conditionally.
    • Change properties of the screen and fields.
    • Enforce restrictions.
  • Learn how to use signature options and security tdrive/enforce business practices.
  • Learn how to export/import the application definition’s XML code.
  • Learn how to modify and create new Maximo lookups.
  • Review system XML files.
  • Learn how to create Conditional Expressions and how/where they are used in Maximo.
  • Learn how to leverage Workflow Designer in application screens.
  • Learn the various ways a default value can be set in fields.
  • Learn how to create and use Automation Scripts.