IBM TRIRIGA Application Administrator

ValuD Course Code: VTA611
IBM Reference Code: TA611
Duration: 5 Days
Event Dates: December 3-7

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The intent of this course is to familiarize participants with the maintenance and configuration of IBM TRIRIGA using the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform Tools. It will focus on the design and problem solving techniques used within IBM TRIRIGA. The course will help explain the system configuration tools of IBM TRIRIGA, detail the ad-hoc reporting capabilities, and how an admin resource can utilize those tools to maintain and configure the system based on the user’s needs.

  • Overview of the Application Administrator role and process they’re required to perform
  • Definition review of Common TRIRIGA Terminology and functionality within the system
  • Review the TRIRIGA Data Structure, defining Module/Business Objects/Forms and how they are used universally throughout the system
  • Learn how to manage the deployment of your assigned licenses to users and view which licenses are being consumed
  • Learn how to manage user passwords including setup and resets
  • Learn how to use the Document Manager to Check-In/Check-Out, organize information, and deploy documents to specific User Groups
  • Learn how to create/modify a Security Group to display or hide/change read options to record data and forms
  • Learn how to create or modify reports – both editable and non-editable
  • Learn how to use Association filters and actions to enhance existing reports
  • Learn how to create end user reports and charts that can be pushed out to the users of TRIRIGA to access basic data tables and structures
  • Learn how to use the Portal Builder to add/modify a user’s visibility to certain areas inside of the system
  • Learn how to modify the menu using the Navigation Builder tool
  • Understand the Classification Hierarchy and how to add records to existing Classification hierarchies
  • Understand how the system leverages Lists and learn how to enter/reorganize new list items
  • Learn how to manage Contact Roles within the Approval process
  • Learn how to use the OOTB System Notification Content and Requirements to send information to users
  • Learn how to create new and modify existing Data Conversions (ie currency and UOM conversions)
  • Understand how the Unit of Measures are placed into the system and how to update the available list on all forms
  • Quick overview of TRIRIGA Integrations including the use of Data Integrator and the Integration Object
  • Introduction to the Admin Console and how the Administrator can perform/watch how the system is working, including basic troubleshooting tips.