TRIRIGA Corrective Maintenance

Course Number : TMM1
IBM# : TA511
Course Mode : Virtual
Duration : 4 Hours
Price : $300

Important Information: Through the IBM Watson IoT Academy, ValuD provides virtual training material for the full suite of IBM TRIRIGA. Please ensure that you are registered with the IBM Watson IoT Academy to enroll in any virtual TRIRIGA courses, as an IBM ID is required for purchase. Once you register and pay for the course, you will then need to login to the IBM Watson training academy where your purchased course will appear under ‘My Courses’ (please allow for 24-48 hours for the course to appear).


Learn to collect client and service requests and the service management prices within TRIRIGA.  Understanding available request types bases on building, vendors or workgroups available to respond, and finally how to ensure customer satisfaction is the center of your business.


Suggested Roles

  • Application Administrator (AA)
  • Request Central User (REQ)
  • Contact Center Agent (CC)
  • Service Manager (SUP)